Geographical Location

This is located at Chucuito area that forms the Callao bay. This is comprised between Bernal Point and the northern reef of San Lorenzo Island.

Locality: Province of Callao - Lima Deparment
Latitude: 12º 03' 00'' South
Longitude: 77º 09' 00'' West

Weather Conditions

The Callao bay has as main characteristic to be protected area from swell effects and permanent winds by La Punta bay and San Lorenzo and Callao islands. During the summer rains are presented incidentally however, with the El Niño phenomenon these rains can be from moderated to stronger intensity, reaching up to important values. In contrast to Miraflores Bay where the sea roughness is more prevalent in winter with swells from south and southeast, being more important during the occurrence of the El Niño" event.


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